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"Beautiful Websites was very easy to deal with, their understanding of the relevant technology was excellent.Working to a tight deadline, they delivered the project on time and on budget. The whole process was seamless."

C.MDirector – Seventyfour Design

"Beautiful Websites is responsive, reliable and very very cost competitive."


"I found Beautiful Websites very pleasurable to work with. They where patient with my lack of understanding of technical issues, and was always prepared to make the minor adjustments and changes I required. I respected and appreciated his promptness and diligence. Beautiful Websites also provided good value for money and delivered on what they said they would do."


"I found that the turn around on the product was excellent.  Beautiful Websites totally identified what I was trying to achieve and put it together.

As I am a computer novice, it was easy for me to just tell him what I was after, give him the concept of it, and he put it all together for me without any fuss.  Within a few days Beautiful Websites had something back to me to have a look at.

Any changes were made quickly.  All my communications are answered in excellent time, so the after sales service is very good, indeed."


"I started my business this year and Beautiful Websites spent a great deal of time working with me and perfecting my ideas.  The resultant web-site has had many positive comments and backs up my professionalism in the field of Beauty Therapy.  Just yesterday a new client called to make an appointment.  I asked her if she had checked out my web-site.  She laughed and said "Thats how I found you"!

I have no hesitation recommending Beautiful Websites to anyone who wants a professional edge over their competitors."


"The combination of my business cards - Fliers and the Web-site give my clients the opportunity to view any work that I have done in the past and an overall feel for my business.

The web - site answers questions prospective clients may have and introduces me as the builder before I have ever meet them in person to quote for the creation they want built, and all this can be achieved in the comfort of there own home.

So yes it has become more than an asset - it has become the backbone of my promotion.Thank you very much Beautiful Websites for your dedication in the medium you have chosen!"


"Your speed and cooperation were excellent. You did exactly what I asked, in the time that I wanted for an awesome price."


"Beautiful Websites have built a number of websites for me and the client was VERY pleased with the product & has since refered more work to my business.  Beautiful Websites has a great feel for artisitic design and sense of composition and translates this well to the web."